Common Mistakes in Study and in Practice


Great news for Traditional Astrology lovers! On December 13, 2020, we organize the first webinar of the greatest astrologer of our time — John Frawley. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

In the webinar John will discuss the mistakes that are most often made in practice and in study, both by astrologers themselves and those who are just beginning to study Astrology:

«I stress to my students that making mistakes is a good thing. It’s very educational: we learn so much from it. At least, we learn so much if we can understand the error and then move beyond it. But there are some mistakes that are so embedded in common astrological talk that it is very hard for students to shake them off. In this 2-hour webinar, I explain many of the standard errors in both horary and natal astrology, with plenty of example charts showing why these things don’t mean what they are usually said to mean, and what they really do tell us.»

John Frawley

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DATE AND TIME   –   13/12/2020 11:00-13:00


10:30-11:00        –      REGISTRATION OF PARTICIPANTS

11:00-13:00        –       WEBINAR

NOTE: the webinar will be held in English, with translation into Russian. A recording of the webinar is strictly prohibited. At the end of the webinar, each participant will receive a certificate from John Frawley with participants name and surname (in PDF format). Please check your time zone before the webinar.


40 EUR


• Transfer to a bank account.

Transfer via internet — PayPal (the transfer fee is not included in the cost of the webinar and must be paid separately).

It is very easy to purchase a ticket to the webinar — fill out the form below and we will contact you within one business day, sending you an invoice for payment by email, or arranging a meeting. Please make sure to contact us before purchasing a ticket and making a payment.

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• The number of participants is limited! Submit your application in advance.
• When submitting an application to participate in the webinar, be sure to specify: your first name and last name, and Skype username.
Skype is required.

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