Before the workshop of Oscar Hofman in Riga, we interviewed him on different topics, that concern many astrologers: the beginning of practice, the role of the teacher, the difference between modern and traditional astrology, psychology in astrology, the different branches of Tradition and their techniques, traditional worldview, magic, future and other. We also learned a little bit more about Oscar Hofman himself. We hope you’ll find it interesting and also visit his workshop in Riga (October 3-4, 2020) that will be dedicated to love and relationships in the chart:


Question: Oscar, first of all, we’d like to thank you for agreeing to make the interview with us, before the workshop in Riga. We believe that many people will be interested not only in your answers on many astrological questions, but also about yourself. You are one of the most famous traditional astrologers nowadays – true Master of astrology. Could you please tell us how did you start your path in astrology? How did you met John Frawley, your teacher? And what inspired you to dedicate your life to traditional astrology?


Answer: I read an article written by John about the Lord of the Geniture, the strongest planet in the chart, your personal trump card, I was very much impressed by the clarity of the traditional techniques and interpretations and  I was immediately certain that that was what I wanted to learn. Later I discovered that modern psychological astrology (in which I was initially trained)  has left out more than 90% of the methods that had always been used by astrologer for centuries. So indeed there is a lot to (re)discover there.


Question: You studied astrology with John Frawley. What role plays a teacher in the process of studying astrology? And can someone study astrology by himself, without a teacher? What is your opinion?


Answer: The best and most effective way to learn astrology is with a teacher who can see exactly where a student goes wrong and so can correct him. In my online-courses, in fact private lessons, I can follow very precisely how a student works and thinks and I can guide students to the correct perspective on astrology and to the right application of the techniques. There are many essential details in the practical application of astrological methods which would be very difficult to figure out without guidance.


Question: Perhaps every astrologer faces certain doubts when he begins to practice astrology on his own, mostly from lack of experience and fear of making a mistake. Very often, it is the fulfilled forecasts that help the astrologer to gain confidence in his own skills, and in astrology itself as well. Did you have any doubts when you started practicing? And what advice would you give to those who have just started taking their first steps in astrology? What qualities should a novice astrologer have in order to master traditional astrology?


Answer: When I started using the traditional methods my confidence increased strongly, this was so clear and effective! Prior to my switch to traditional astrology, I was trained in the modern psychological approach but traditional astrology was so much clearer! There are certainly positive elements in modern astrology but the old way to do it has much more to offer including an effective psychological analysis. A novice should study the metaphysics and cosmology behind astrology and find himself a good teacher, a student should be dedicated to the celestial art and not be afraid to make mistakes! Face it, we all make mistakes and wrong predictions sometimes, it is part of  the job, nobody should expect you to be perfect.   


Question: We cannot sepparate astrology from the traditional worldview. In addition to the traditional astrological literature, which works would you recommend to study for a better understanding of the traditional worldview that underlies traditional astrology?


Answer: This is extremely important, you have to have some basic knowledge of traditional metaphysics and cosmology so that you can understand what astrology is exactly, and you will find this in the works of authors like René Guénon, Frithjof Schuon, Titus Burkhard and Charles Upton, all authors who belong to the so-called “perennnial philosophy” school, that is traditional metaphysics. 


Question: Many people believe that astrology can be studied by absolutely anyone, even if they do not have the talents and predisposition. What do you think about it? Is astrology really a knowledge for everyone?


Answer: Well as in every profession there are people who are less and people who are more suitable as astrologers. It is like in art, you can learn a lot by diligently  practising but of course to produce a fine work, some talent is helpful. It does help to have a strong Saturn, a strong ruler of the ninth house or some powerful fixed star connected to learning.  


Question: By strong Saturn do you mean its essence or accidental position?


Answer: Yes always take into account the combination of essential and accidental dignities AND the whole context of the chart. A weak Saturn only does not mean you cannot be an astrologer. As we say in Holland: there are many roads that lead to Rome. You can also get there without a strong Saturn.


Question: And what about Mercury? William Lilly writes in his «Christian Astrology» that Mercury is natural significator of astrologers. How important is it for an astrologer to have a strong Mercury, essentially or accidentally?


Answer: Think of the calculation they had had to carry out  in Lilly’s times without computers, then a good Mercury is very helpful, as for many other routine things. But Mercury does not represent the core energy of astrology.


Question: Among some astrologers, there is an opinion that there is a certain mystical «seal» of the astrologer, which is indicated by the position of Fortune in the horoscope, its dispositor, the position of Mercury in the chart, and some other points. Are there really such limitations that indicates the astrologer, or is the Cosmos much more creative in its manifestation, being able to show the astrologer in the most unique way in the chart?


Answer: No this is mystification, there is no such thing as a mystical seal of the astrologer. Astrology is a form of traditional knowledge, a profession or maybe better a “knowledge craft”. In itself it is not spiritual or mystical though it can only be understood in a frameword that is non-materialistic.


Question: As we know, you studied philosophy at the University and received a degree in epistemology. How did this knowledge helped you in studying and understanding astrology? Is it enough for an astrologer to study only astrology and nothing more?


Answer: It was very important to me as it enabled me to understand  what astrology as a form of knowledge is and also to distinguish it clearly from modern science which is based on totally different principles. It is adamant to keep astrology and modern science strictly separated, they cannot be mixed as they differ fundamentally. Science provides us with practical methods to manipulate the material environment, astrology enables us to understand our world and our place in it and also to take the right decisions on the practical level. But astrology is not driven by an desire for control like science, it wants to provide insight.


Question: As we know, your workshop in Riga will be dedicated to the the questions of love and relationships in astrology. Could you say a few words about this workshop? Which astrological techniques will be discussed during this workshop?


Answer: We will discuss the role of Venus the planet of love, the meaning of the seventh house of relating to others, how to find the optimal partner, the ideas we have of a good partner (“your type”), fixed stars and lunar mansions connected to love, the Part of Marriage, the way charts interact by inter-receptions (receptions between two charts), wedding elections and wedding charts, the Moon’s declination, the role of the fifth house of sexuality, and very exciting prenatal returns which is like taking a look behind the screen of time.


Question: Love and relationships have always excited people. Over the years of your practice, can you say that the issues of love and relationships have somehow changed in their content, or is it always the same – «does he love me?», «when will I get married?», «when will I meet my partner?» and so on. Are there any new questions about relationships nowadays, that correspond to the modern spirit of time?


Answer: No they are essentially the same although people seem to understand less and less that it is not for nothing that Saturn had its exaltation in the Venus sign of Libra. This means that loving (Venus) requires the sacrifice (Saturn) of the ego, a rose has sharp thorns and this should be accepted. Otherwise there cannot be love.


Question: What do you think about modern synastry technique in astrology, when one partner’s natal chart is combined with other partner’s natal chart – their compatibility is considered, according to the planets in the houses of each other, aspects between them and so on. Is there a place for such a technique in traditional astrology?


Answer: Yes, but only the most striking synastric aspects, traditional compatibility assessment involves a lot more like comparing temperaments, comparing Significators of Manners, comparing the fifth houses, and very important the inter-receptions, the receptions between two charts. So the traditional approach does include synastry but as a part of much wider picture.


Question: A fairly common trend in astrology nowadays is to involve psychology in the practice of forecasting. Very often astrologers try to replace accurate forecasts with psychological consultations. What do you think about these trends? And what place, in your opinion, should psychology occupy in astrological practice?


Answer: Psychology has its legitimate role to play in astrology, traditional astrology has its own form of psychology, which is the accurate description of behaviour. On that basis it can make recommendations for creating more balance, this includes making clients conscious of their behaviour, but also life-style, and diet which influence the psychological balance strongly.

But psychology is only a part of reality, there are also concrete and spiritual realities which should be taken into account, concrete forecasts are therefore important and necessary, they can in no way be replaced by psychology.


Question: Why there was such a substitution of accurate astrological forecasts with psychological consultations? Did the loss of the traditional worldview and the emergence of modern science in the XVI-XVII centuries, and then theosophy at the end of the XIX century, play a role here? Or was it something else?


Answer: The rise of science with its materialistic attitudes was destructive to astrology, that used to be all-pervasive in traditional  societies, it disappeared from the public scene after the seventeenth century. Then it was indeed taken up by the theosophists but they got rid of 95 % of the astrological methods as they had been used  for ages, and replaced then with methods they themselves thought up, partly for commercial,  partly for ideological reasons.

The theosophists were more interested in past lives and karma, not in prediction or concrete delineation and later on, this was the work of Dane Rudyar, theosophical astrology was radically psychologized by the connection with Jungian psychology. The result is that what is taught as astrology in our days does not contain much an astrologer of the past would recognize as astrology!!

So there is a lot to rediscover in traditional astrology, it is a real goldmine of methods. There are certainly valuable and effective parts in modern astrology, but so much was lost!


Question: Let’s focus on the topic of consultations. As we see, modern astrologers often prefer to use natal astrology working with clients. What form of astrology you mostly use working with clients?


Answer: One third general horary, one third natal, one third medical horary and some electional and mundane work. It is just a question of using the right tool for your client, if you need to hit a nail pick up your hammer.


Question: There is a fairly common opinion among modern astrologers that horary astrology is only «Yes» or «No». What do you think about it? Can horary astrology answer more complex questions, as well as more global ones — such as political elections, wars and conflicts, and so on?


Answer: It most certainly can! It can do much more than only saying yes or no as it shows the basic energies working in a situation. You can even find out what a dream meant by horary, make an election, and just as well give a refined analysis of  relationship.

But you have to work according to the traditional rules, otherwise it is hardly effective.


Question: If horary astrology is able to answer most of the questions that clients ask, in your opinion – can it replace all other sections of astrology? After all, if we can use it to give an answer to any specific question, what is the point of resorting to mundane or natal astrology?


Answer: Horary cannot replace the other forms of astrology, a natal delineation offers some possibilities a horary does not have. Mainly this is the overall picture of the life in one chart, giving talents, psychological analysis, pitfalls to avoid, a line of developments in time, the mythological themes and the spiritual possibilities.

In theory you could ask a horary question about all these things, but this would be very awkward, so natal astrology has an important function to fulfill. 


Question: Continuing the theme of horary astrology, many people believe that in the modern world everything is decided by the free will of man and that everything can be changed, even in horary questions. Some even believe that it can be done with the help of some sort of modern astrological magic. Here we are not talking about issues of choice, when someone wants to figure out how to act, but about certain questions about the future, such as: «will I get this job?», «will she date with me?», «will the investment be profitable?» and etc. Do you think it’s really possible to change the answer to such questions — change the future – if the chart definitely says otherwise?


Answer: The chart shows you how the situation is and this knowledge enables to make the optimal choice given these circumstances. Your free will is exactly your decision whether or not to go on with what you are planning to do, so it shows whether the circumstances are favourable for you. If you are in line with the stars. So horary astrology is based on free will.

But you cannot change the circumstances, this is a misunderstanding of the free will. Free will means you are never obliged to do something, but it does not mean you are the master of the universe. If the chart says no it is no.

If a client for example asks whether he can sells his house and the answer is no, he can always lower the price that is his free will. But he cannot force or attract people to buy his house for the higher price if the chart says no. You have to understand the level on which you are free.


Question: Do you use horary astrology for your own personal purposes? To clarify certain life issues? Can you give us any example, if so?


Answer: Yes it has done my business a lot of good, there are always many decisions to make and I regularly ask if it would be good a idea to pursue a certain course, but also more personally for example about buying a car or a house, although I still do many things spontaneously.


Question: Can we talk about traditional medical astrology? Without any doubt, you are one of the leading experts in this field in our time. As we know, the last time a book on the topic of traditional medical astrology was written by Nicholas Culpeper, more than three and a half centuries ago. What induced you to write the book «Classical Medical Astrology. Healing with the Elements«, and why did you decided to cover this particular branch of astrology? Why, in your opinion, has no one written anything about traditional medical astrology for so long?


Answer: I was fascinated by medical astrology as soon I discovered it. I am still very dedicated to it as it so concrete, what could be more direct than Jupiter energy forming the liver in your body?  It is also  a wonderful instrument to relieve suffering.

There are two reasons that it is not widely taught and practised, the root of modern astrology in theosophy and psychology, approaches, not much interested in the concrete and physical sides of life, is one and the scandalous monopolisation of medicine by science is the other. The authorities  are trying to frighten everyone away from practising medicine in an alternative way and they are quite successful in this. 


Question: As far as we know, «Classical Medical Astrology. Healing with the Elements»  is also translated into Chinese. You are the first European astrologer whose book has been translated in China. What do you think motivates China to take an interest in the Western astrological tradition? After all, they themselves have a highly developed field of traditional medicine.


Answer: The Chinese have their own forms of astrology like I Ching Astrology or Four Pillars Astrology , but they don’t have an astrology with planets moving through the zodiac like we have. Understandably they are fascinated by this, and our traditional medical model differs from theirs but it is similar, also based on excess and unbalance of basic elemental energies. 


Question: If we may, one more question about medical astrology. In your opinion, why is modern medicine so distrustful of alternative methods of treatment and prognosis of the disease? Previously, medicine and astrology have been directly related to each other for centuries. Now we see a certain monopoly on the part of modern medicine, and skepticism, despite the impressive capabilities of traditional medical astrology. Do you think this attitude will change in the coming decades? And what can contribute to this?


Answer: This is the typical intellectual limitation of scientists (this is no jealousy, I myself was academically trained as a chemist and a philosopher so I know what I am talking about), they cannot accept that there are several forms of knowledge that can exist side by side, that there is more than one effective way to look at the same object. The other things is that a lot of money is made by selling all those pills so it is also the excessive greed of  the pharmaceutical companies that works against alternative approaches.

Nevertheless among the people alternatives are  more and more accepted, but I do not see or expect a change in more official circles.


Question: As we know, you are constantly writing articles about various world events in your astrological blog on your website http://www.pegasus-advies.com/. In former times, astrologers of the past did something similar in their almanacs. And here we would like to clarify one important point – how much does the horoscope of the state prevail over the horoscope of a person? How much does the fate of a person depends on the fate of the state? And should we consider not only the potential of a person’s natal chart , but also the chart of the state where the person lives, in order to understand whether a person can manifest his potential?


Answer: As the Corona crisis made clear the mundane level prevails, everybody was affected by it! Or do you think that every individual in Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 had a very bad chart?

Normally though this level is not too important in a natal delineation. If the client is considering emigration you could look at this though.


Question: Mundane astrology is considered to be the pinnacle of astrological knowledge. At the same time, there are quite a few sources from which we can learn about mundane astrology.


Answer: Yes it is very, very impressive to see history unfolding on this grand scale, this is not like a client wrestling with love problems it is quite a different thing. It really make you conscious of the power of astrology. It does have its more practical applications as you can see what developments can be expected on a more collective scale.   


Question: Do you teach your students mundane astrology?


Answer: Yes.


Question: What level of knowledge should a student have in order to start studying it?


Answer: An acceptable diploma in traditional natal astrology.


Question: You pay a lot of attention to the fixed stars and the myths associated with them in predicting world events. What role does mythology play in traditional astrology in general, and in mundane astrology in particular?


Answer: If  you leave them out you are missing about 50 % the chart has to offer, so it is adamant that you use them, they are also very effective in prediction, it is a level in astrology you cannot possibly leave out if you take  yourself seriously as a professional.


Question: As we remember, at your workshop in Lithuania in 2019, you showed the chart of Robert Zoller, whose Saturn is very weak, essentially and accidentally, and Mars, being the ruler of the IX house, is combusted by the Sun. However, the strong Moon on the ASC, in conjunction with the star Achernar, and Mars, in conjunction with the star Altair, gave him the opportunity to become a famous astrologer and teacher. Could we came to the same conclusion if we didn’t take into account the influence of the fixed stars? And what is your opinion – why there is so little attention to the fixed stars in modern astrology?


Answer: No, this particular case shows you cannot do without the stars and it shows there is no “seal” marking astrologers, there are several ways you can come to the practise of the celestial art.

Modern astrology does not use fixed stars very much as the stars  were among the methods that were abolished by the theosophists and the psychologists. They just don’t know anymore what they are and how to use them.

The influence of the stars is so strong that this goes against the modern idea that you determine your own life to a large extent. Fixed stars are so powerful that they make clear that you don’t, probably this is also a reason to neglect them.

If you know your main mythologies through the stars you can consciously avoid the pitfalls given in the story. So in this way you can determine your life but again in the sense of using the free will within the circumstances as given. 


Question: Your book «Fixed stars in the Chart: Constellations, Lunar Mansions and Mythology«, in our opinion, is the best guide for an astrologer to study the influence of the stars in the chart. What inducted you to write this book? Do you plan to supplement and reissue it in the future? Or maybe write something new about fixed stars?


Answer: It is a very  good guide to give you the basic knowledge to get working with the stars. I saw the huge influence they had in lives of people and nations and there was no book explaining clearly what they mean and how to use them. So I decided to write this book myself. I have no plans at the moment for writing something new, but of course this may change.


Question: Let’s talk about predictive techniques in astrology. Many modern astrologers base their mundane forecasts mostly on eclipses and their quantities per year, without considering the great conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter, the annual entry of the Sun in the sign of Aries, and other important traditional forecasting techniques. Can eclipses alone, tell us about events in state and public life? And what is the main application of eclipses in traditional mundane astrology?


Answer: The main line is given by the Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter, this covers 20 years. Within this twenty-year period, we will look at ingresses as a kind of solar returns for a country. Eclipses certainly play a role and should also be analyzed but as a part of the larger framework, not isolated as happens too often. And there are natal charts for countries which can be calculated in several effective ways.


Question: Continuing the theme of eclipses – how important are prenatal eclipses when considering the natal chart? What will we lose if we don’t consider them in our work?


Answer: Prenatal eclipses and lunations (Full or New Moon charts) indicate how strong you are connected to the spirit of the times, obviously you will loose this important point if you don’t look at this. After all, there are very successful people who have no real talents, they just ride the tide of their times effectively and this is exactly what the prenatal analysis shows. 


Question: Many astrologers believe that solar and lunar eclipses affect everyone? Is this true?


Answer: On the individual level they can be ignored in prediction, there are much more effective methods for prediction. But on at the mundane level eclipses play their role in predicting events and on this sense it will affect everyone. But they should be used  in the systematic framework of the other methods, not stand-alone!!


Question: Modern astrologers pay too much attention to the transits of planets and their aspects, basing most of their so-called forecasts on them (if we can call it «forecasts»). It comes to the ridiculous – some try to associate the present situation in the world (COVID, etc.) with the conjunction of Saturn with Pluto in December 2019. What is the place for transits in traditional astrology? And can they say anything on their own, without taking into account other elements of astrology?


Answer: The present situation is reflected by the disastrous Great Conjunction of 2000 (the effects of this “crisis GC” will end in December this year) in combination with the relevant ingresses.

Within that framework you can look at Saturn and Jupiter conjuncting Pluto, I don’t reject the use of outer planet, I am not a dogmatic astrologer, I am interested in what works practically. However, their importance should not be exaggerated, outer planets do have their role to play but only as part of the whole predictive frame-work, they are not this frame-work itself.


Question: There is also a myth about so-called relocation, as if you can change your natal chart if you emigrate to another country, and even change the events of the year if you meet a birthday in another country. What is your opinion?


Answer: This is based on unclear thinking although of course it is an attractive thought, which is easy to sell too, that you can “change” your natal chart by emigration for example. The natal chart is the root (“radix” is Latin for root) out off which everything grows, so this will not change in any way. never. That is why you always calculate returns for your birthplace.

Nevertheless, you can see by relocating your natal chart what you will experience in a certain place, not forgetting that your travels or even emigration are given by your natal chart!

The best way to see a relocated chart is like a spatial return (comparable to a solar return which is in time), this honours the fact that in some place things seem to run more smoothly that in others, this is what in the tradition is called the “genius locii”, the spirit of the place. Not only time has a spirit, place also has. It certainly does make sense to relocate a chart, provided you realize that you are only looking at a more detailed level at what is given by the natal chart. It is an  illusion that you could change your chart by this, I know an astrologer who is constantly travelling to get the best lunar return each month, now that is of course an expression of a deep misunderstanding of our celestial art.    


Question: Studying ancient grimoires and astrological works, we can note the close connection between astrology and magic. Of course, we are not talking about predictive astrology, in which magic is unnecessary. What was meant by astrological magic during the Middle ages, as well as earlier, is strikingly different from what we see today. It is enough to read «De Occulta Philosophia» of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, «Picatrix» or other grimoire to understand the complexity and even danger of this science. In your opinion, what place should magic occupy in astrology in modern time? Is there a place for it in astrology now?


Answer: This should be utterly condemned!! Magic is harmful on all levels it has nothing at all to do with a clear understanding of what our celestial art is. These dangerous practises will finally backfire in a very malefic way on the practitioners and on others, it all has to do with power obsessions. Nothing is going to make anyone the master of the universe, thank God!


Question: In the pre-Christian era, the linkage between astrology, magic, and what we might call the pagan religion was also very close. Many ceremonies and rituals, as well as some mysteries, were conducted in accordance with the planets and stars. Even now we see some echoes of this in the Christian religion. This made astrology something more than just a predictive art. It was part of life itself. Do you think we will return to something like this in the future? Or the separation of religion and astrology will continue to grow more and more?


Answer: Yes even the seven sacraments in the Catholic tradition miror the seven planet energies, so they are rituals to pacify and harmonise these energies.

But we should not confuse levels here. The seven energies of the planets, the pagan gods, are intermediate only, they are not independent “gods” at all. They are manifestations of the divine source, the absolute and infinite unity behind it all. If you loose sight of that, you fail to understand the essence.

The traditional societies were very much ware of this, even Hinduism with its host of gods, always emphasizes the unity of Brahma behind it all, the gods/planets are only manifestation of this principal unity.

So paganism, seeing the planet gods as the highest things, which is not traditional at all, is a phase of  degeneration, it began to develop when people were loosing sight of the divine unity. Genuine traditional societies were never pagan, they always suppressed it fiercely in the name of the divine unity as we can see in the European Middle Ages.

This however does not prevent us from using astrology in a positive way, even the magical principle of sympathy can be used to heal in medical astrology. So religion and astrology do not exclude each other at all, they are always a part of the same world-view, unfortunately this is not understood clearly any more.


Question: Nowadays many people are trying to create astrological programs that tries to replace the astrologer’s consultation with a certain algorithm of answers on the questions. It is clear that it has nothing common with the real work of an astrologer. However, will people want to consult an astrologer in the future, if they are increasingly forced to such ideas that the astrologer can be replaced by a certain program that itself predicts the future of a person? Will astrologers be in demand? Could you give us your opinion on this issue?


Answer: Programs are Mercury and Mercury is the servant not the king! All these programs are utter failures and cannot replace the knowledge craft of the astrologer. Lots of money is earned by automatically generated delineations and predictions but they are always wrong. A program can give you a calculation but never an effective delineation. Simply because context matters and it is epistemologically clear that machines cannot take notice of context.

We have been and are constantly brain-washed by the educational system and the media in thinking  that technology can replace men. It can’t. Forget it, choose a competent teacher and learn the celestial art.


Question: In your article for January 2, 2013 in your blog, you wrote about the future of astrology – that there is now a certain decline in interest in neo-astrology, which will eventually lead to its even greater decline, and the dominance of traditional astrology, thanks to its accuracy, deep knowledge and verifiable predictions. You even delineated the horary chart on this topic. However, we would like to ask you about the future of astrology in a bit different way. As we all know, at the end of 2020, there will be a great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. This conjunction happens not in the Earth sign (as it happened in 00s), but in the sign of Air, which will largely affect all aspects of our life, including technology and the Internet, which certainly will become an integral part of all life processes. No doubts, the world will never be the same again, and there will be a huge technical leap in the coming decades. How do you see the future of astrology in this new world that will go hand in hand with artificial intelligence? Will astrology eventually become a part of the past and not the future?


Answer: This will be a huge change in astrology. It started in the early eighties (there we had the first GC in Air), what a transition to the Air phase always brings is new knowledge. Now we have seen this in astrology!!  It has been flooded with the forgotten methods of traditional astrology (about 95% of the methods are unknown to modern  astrology) and this will become stronger, although psychological astrology will not disappear it will loose its dominant position. In Air times you have to integrate the new knowledge, otherwise you have no future.

The style will totally change there will be much more webinars and online teaching, and I expect even hologrammatic lectures and workshops. The people who have been running astrology since the seventies and the Anglo-saxon world will loose much influence, although it is only form, technology will always change power balances.    


Question: You analyze the last conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, preceding the foundation of the state, taking it as a mundane chart of the state. Where did this technique come from? And what is the difference between such a chart and a mundane chart based on the exact time of the birth of the state (de jure)?


Answer: It is based on similar techniques in the traditional texts but it is a new application which proved to do very well in practise. Because it reflects the real origin of  the state, it includes all developments so it has a wider reach than the timed national birth chart.


Question: If we may, a little blitz survey. What mundane forecast in your practice could you highlight as the most striking among all the others?


Answer: Ingress 2019 which described the crisis although not literally, it mentioned what is going on in more general terms. 


Question: What is the most striking or extraordinary horary question during your years of practice?


Answer: So many. The last one was a client who asked about investing in a cryptocurrency the answer was no. She ignored this and invested 6000 Euro which were all lost.

Another client, a farmer asked when to sell her potato harvest, the chart said in November which she did and she got a good price, soon after the market collapsed because of Corona (question was asked before we even knew what Corona was).


Question: Whose natal chart do you find the most interesting of all, among the famous personalities?


Answer: Donald Trump’s chart is stunning, by which I do not want to imply anything political. It is just a fascinating chart.


Question: Which of the astrologers of the past do you consider the most outstanding?


Answer: I like Al-Biruni.


Question: If you weren’t an astrologer, what would you like to be?


Answer: Funeral director or winegrower.


Question: The last one. What is astrology for you personally?


Answer: A form of knowledge which in a supreme way shows why things are as they are, a practical instrument to help people make optimal and beneficial decisions for themselves and their loved ones, to relieve suffering (medical applications) and an opportunity to earn money in a decent and totally independent way that does not estrange me or my clients and students from the eternal essence of life.    


We: Thank you, Oscar! We appreciate you for agreeing to make this interview. It was very pleasant and interesting!



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